Injured leopard rescued-Sent to Bio Park

Injured leopard rescued from Baghdara.

Injured leopard rescued-Sent to Bio Park

An injured leopard was found in Baghdara region. The forest department rescued this leopard and took it to the Sajjangarh Bio Park. Villagers informed the forest department about a leopard sitting near an anicut. When the team reached this anicut, the leopard first roared but then quietened suddenly. The forest department team rescued this leopard and brought it to the veterinary hospital at Chetak Circle where it was given medical treatment and then released in Sajjangarh Bio Park.

The leopard is a 9 year old male and had marks on its body. Probably it had a tug with some other leopard that caused the injury. Since the leopard is old and unwell, it was not in a condition to hunt and was starving. It was also diagnosed with high fever.

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