“Ustad” is enjoying good health

Tiger Ustad is enjoying good health.

“Ustad” is enjoying good health

Tiger T24 Ustad is back with good health and enjoying his time taking dips in the water at Sajjangarh Bio-Park.It may be noted that this very famous tiger had fallen sick and was being treated by the doctors in charge of wild life health at the Bio-Park. Now that the tiger T24 commonly known as Ustad is back in good health, the authorities have heaved a sigh of relief.

Ustad T24 was born to Jhumru T20 and Gayatri T22 and has always displayed a very aggressive nature. With a habit of dragging its prey in full public view, it had become a talk of the sanctuary. The lime light fell on this huge beast when it killed a forest guard in 2015. T24 had become very violent and had started catching humans as his prey. It was moved to Sajjangarh Bio-Park in May 2015 and was confined to a natural enclosure. The relocation of this massive beast was opposed to by a lot of nature lovers. The renowned tiger expert Valmik Thapar even claimed that he always saw danger in T24’s eyes. His roar raises fear even today.

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