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Winter Season: Changing Weather and Health Care

winter season

Come winter season in November-December, the difference between day and night temperatures in Udaipur begins to increase and that makes one get careless about the tricky weather. Not using proper clothing like light woolens in the morning and evening and having cold drinks adds to health problems like cold and cough which may turn into viral fever and the like.

Dr.Harish Mathur of the Preventive Diseases Department says that, “the common problems during change of season are virus that cause cold and cough. Sour throat might indicate the eminent attack of flu. As it spreads through the air, one should avoid crowds and cover ones mouth with a handkerchief. It is better to strengthen the immune system by taking boiled pulses, whole soybean and beans which have low fat content”. Fruits like apple, mausami (sweet lime) and strawberry provide Zinc and Vitamin C in abundance to protect the body. Asthmatic patients run the risk of heart attack as the respiratory tract tends to shrink during this season. They should cover themselves properly before going out and avoid things like sour eatables and cold drinks which may cause allergy conditions. The use of whole cereals, vegetables, fruits and fibrous things are to be used. Dr. Ashish Ameta warns that this season might be a cause of pain for those who have joint trouble. They should take proper rest. Consumption of dry fruits that contain Vitamin E in abundant quantities helps keeping the joints greasy. It is good for them to have milk, eggs, cheese, sprouted grain and bananas, etc. which strengthen the bones. Sun rays in the morning are a good source of Vitamin D. Due to low temperatures during this season, skin cells contract and so the quantity of natural oils coming out of them decreases, which in turn causes itching. It is more so in the case of those who have hot booths and expose themselves to sun too much. Daily use of moisturizers helps a lot.

It’s better to take milk, green leaf, vegetables, fresh juicy fruits and dry fruit. Vaidya Shobhalal Audichya suggests that “To build up immunity, pomegranates, eatables including mausami, strawberry, pineapple, guava, curds, spinach, cauliflower, carrot, garlic, sweet potato and green tea which are rich in Vitamin C and Zinc should be taken. Water, fresh juice and soups should also be taken in adequate quantity. They help in flushing out toxic matter from the body”.

Adding to that, “Regular exercise and Yoga are of great help. For Iron input, pumpkin, tomato, green leafy vegetables, beans and dry fruits should be taken.”

Children need special care as their respiratory and digestive systems are likely to be affected in this season. They should be given light and easily digestible food and they need to be properly clad.

To keep fit in this season, cold things such as cold drinks and ice cream are to be avoided and so also junk food and fried eatables.

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