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Women Empowerment should start from Saving Girl Child: Mamta Sharma


A two day national workshop on Impact of Science and Technology on Social Change, Women Issues and Challenges started today at College of Home Science (MPUAT). The program was inaugurated by Mamta Sharma, Chairperson of National Commission for Women.

More than 150 people, from various States are taking part in the workshop, organized in the collaboration of College of Home Science and Home Science Alumni Association. The workshop is sponsored by National Commission for Women GOI, New Delhi and Dept. of Science and Technology, Rajasthan.

Addressing the audience, Mamta Sharma said that, movement of saving the Girl Child should be the first step towards Women Empowerment. Narrating the stories of successful women of history will awake the young generation of today and for this, media and social service organizations have to work at the grass root level.

She compressed her concern over the outlawed social practices, including female feticide, child marriage, dowry etc. Mamta Sharma said that, women have to come out of this terrible shell to proclaim their self respect, independence and power.


Professor O.P Gill, Vice-Chancellor of MPUAT said in his speech, “Our scientific achievements are useless till we lack women empowerment. There are different challenges for women from rural and urban areas, the positive utilization of science and engineering will help solving these challenges”.

On the occasion, Dr. Amla Batra, Senior Scientist at CSIR, New Delhi talked on the progress of women.

In the series of inaugural program, Dr. Arti Sankhla, Assistant Dean, Home Science College welcomed the guests and introduced the topics of workshop.

Dr. Shweta Fagadia, Director Women and Child Development described the work done by government of Rajasthan.


While addressing to media personnel, Mamta Sharma said that women victims of rape cases face tribulations as the officials are not aware of their responsibilities, powers and jurisdiction. She also stated that Women Commission to start “Women Helpline” in Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana.

Women officials should be recruited for registering rape cases, investigations and follow up. By recruiting women officials in each police station, the shackles of hesitation and fear, which generally, a lady has in registering rape cases will be done away with.

On the Kolar village incident, she said, “Earlier when I came here just after the incident, I had asked the victim, what she wants? She hasn’t replied yet and I am still looking forward for her reply. Soon she will be settled peacefully and happily.”

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