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Wood Log Stucks into Man’s abdomen, removed safely

doc-teamMore than a foot long wood log, that pierced and stuck into the abdomen of 30-year-old Shankar Meena (inset) from Pratapgarh, was successfully removed today by the team of doctors from MB Hospital after a critical operation which took more than 5 hours. Meena’s condition is stable and out of danger now.


Shankar, resident of piplikunth village, got severely injured when he met with the nearly fatal incident yesterday while chopping tree branches.

He suddenly fell on a vertically erected wood log attached with the branch. The log penetrated inside his abdomen and stuck inside. He was then rushed to a nearby government hospital at Pratapgarh from where he was referred to MB Hospital in a grave condition.

injured The operation, which started at 12 midnight by the team of surgeons led by Dr. S.P Gupta, continued till 5 in the morning.
2 years ago

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  1. Shailendra says

    Horrific incident!
    May I suggest UdaipurTimes to upload lower resolution images in the news piece if they are so graphic? 800 pixel column for text doesn’t mean that all the images need to be of that width as well. This is almost gore!

    Also, the word you’re looking for is ‘impaled’. Stucks is definitely not a word.

  2. Salim Ahmed, Kuwait says

    Well – Shailendra & Huzefa – I believe what Udaipur Times wants to communicate the mass, he did irrespective of the Grammatical error. At this point I believe that we should write few words of appraisal to the team of Doctors who successfully completed this Operation. The injured has not to run Ahmedabad / Mumbai or any other place for this Operation. Today the Udaipur Doctors are capable enough to handle such type of tricky situation and they did once. again. So, it’s time to appreciate them. They (the Doctors Team) will feel very honored and enthusiastic if they read few words of appraisal. Cheers


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