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Young Girl ends her life

A 22-year-old student committed suicide by hanging herself from ceiling in her room last night. Sunita (changed name) resident of Sapetia village was found hanging in her room by her relatives.

Sukher police rushed to the scene after getting the information and shifted the body to mortuary.

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  1. Miqdad says

    I have just counted quickly – in UT search section, type ‘suicide’ and search. 10 pages open up for the last 18 months with an average of 12 news items on suicide. That is more than the reviews for movies / reviews of restaurants / news of individual festivals or other things. What a sad state. I have commented upon a recent news article on a suicide in Tekri and I will paste it in this section again. It is also sad that no one comments on these articles – may be they think “mujhe kya karna hai” or “kya bakwas hai” or “main ye mere parivar mein aisa koi nahi karega” or “ye to pagal log karte hain hamein kya” or maybe in fact, they dont know what to say !! i.e. its such a complicated yet common issue and people dont know what to do about it! Please act upon it. I request the UT editor to seek an article on suicide from an expert and publish it on the health section.

    I am pasting my previous comment on another news article on this page as well as I think it carries some useful information –

    Suicide is amongst the most common causes of death in adolescents and young adults. In the USA it is determined to be the third most common cause of death in this age group, with accident and homicide being in the first and second position. I am not aware of the national statistics in India, how ever I am quite sure that India is not far behind in this with very little infrastructure and support for those who are experiencing severe distress in life either due to thier circumstances (family/social/academic/financial/relationship etc) or due to mental illness or a combination of both.

    Depiction of suicide in media is often romanticised, elaborated upon and used as a form of headlines to create a buzz. However it is good to see that Udaipur times has only reported the basic facts and not talked in detail about the method, retained the confidentiality of the deceased and its family and not commented on the reasons etc.

    There is research evidence that if suicide is depicted in the media incorrectly, it can result in an increase in suicide rates following the news. As mentioned above, when suicide is glamorised, romanticised, when the victim is given increased social recognition or it comes across as if the victim is being listened to only because he or she has carried out suicide, it can increase the rates of suicide following the report of the incident. Similarly a detailed description of the method of suicide too is considered to be detrimental from this perspective.

    This does not necessarily mean that suicide should not be reported in media. It should be reported but in a sensitive manner and in a way that the news benefits society. After all reporting of news is for creating social awareness. Suicide when reported should be reported as a sad event for the society and should not be stigmatised. When suicide is reported, the difficulties of the victim should not be glamourised and the victim should not be identified as an individual or identified by their sufferings. When reporting a suicide, there should be information of what impact it has on society and family and the suffering it brings. There should also be reports of what are the early warning signs that a person may be thinking of or heading towards suicide. This will be helpful for those who are in such a situation and are struggling with not knowing what to do and for family and friends who have a relative/friend who they think may be in a such a state of mind. Similarly there should be information about what resources in terms of help are available for some one who is having such thoughts and for family/friends who are aware of a relative/friend who is in such a situation but does not know what to do.

    hence, report suicide in the following way –
    1) Report it as a loss to family and society (as this is the fact)
    2) Report it as preventable (as this too is the fact and says that there is help available and it is preventable)
    3) Maintain confidentiality (respect the victim and their family)
    4) Do not support or glorify the victim (otherwise those on the verge of doing something like this will think this is the way to make them listened to)
    5) Do not try to explain reasons as this is not the expertise of the police / media etc
    6) Provide information about what a relative friend or sufferer should do if they find themselves/another person in a situation where they think of suicide – I will state what can be done in the last paragraph of this comment)
    7) Provide information about early warning signs of suicide
    8) If necessary seek information from a mental health specialist and ask them to comment or follow this news article with another article linked to it.

    Warning signs that some one is thinking of suicide –
    1) the person talks about feeling hopeless, desperate and does not know what to do next
    2) the person has mentioned that he or she feels like dying or is thinking of dying and/or has thought of ways to end their life (REMEMBER – 50% of those who carry out suicide have spoken to relative or friend in the last 24 hours before their death)
    3) Person has a previous history of self harming, talking drug or medication overdose or having attempted suicide
    4) there is an increase of alcohol consumption
    5) There is an increase in aggression / hostility
    6) The person is becoming increasingly isolated and withdrawn from social life
    7) Paradoxically, a person who has been seriously depressed and hopeless for several days or weeks suddenly becomes cheerful and happy without any explanation (ask them for an explanation and explore the fact!) as often those who have made up their mind that they are going to kill themselves cheer up in the days before their attempt as they see and end to their suffering
    8) There is a history of mental illness – depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, unstable personality and there is recent worsening or recurrence of this.

    There are other warning signs but I think this probably requires a complete article in itself.

    Resources in Udaipur – I am not sure about these. In Udaipur, there are a few psychiatrists and psychologists. To seek help, it is important to do so as soon as possible. Contacting any doctor who can guide you in the right direction is useful. Seeking a consultation from a psychiatrist at different hospitals in Udaipur is useful. I think there are psychiatrists in Geetanjali hospital (Dr Mathur and Dr Jinger) and in General hospital (Dr Kherada).

    REMEMBER: thinking of suicide or seeking help for it is not a sign of weakness or a bad thing. Like any other illness or disease such as an infection or diabetes, mental illness is also a disease of the brain/mind. It is NOT a sign of weakness. If I said that you have high blood pressure because you just cant get over it and you are a weakling, would you agree with that? No. You would say mere haath mein thodi hai, ye to body ki problem hai. Every thing we do or anyway that our body functions is controlled by the brain. Hence any mental illness is also a mental illness. Suicide thoughts or ideas are a MEDICAL EMERGENCY like a heart attack or an accident and needs help immediately. and above all, THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE.


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