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Zoo Leopard Dies of Infection


A male leopard died at Gulab Bagh Zoo today morning due to infection for an elongated period. The zoo administration first transported the dead animal to veterinary hospital for postmortem and later in the afternoon cremated it at the zoo’s area.

17-year-old Leopard was not only growing old but was also suffering with serious infections. It was kept in a separate cage and was about to be relocated in another confinement. But today morning, one of the animal caretakers found it dead inside his cage.

Dr. Pradeep Pradhan, zoo administrator said that since a last few years this leopard had started biting its own feet and injured itself which caused infection.

Though nobody knows why the leopard was not treated for his self-made wounds and infections which led to his death. Gulab Bagh Zoo is consecutively facing dearth of animals with a series of deaths and mishaps.

2 years ago

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