Accident at Zinc Choraha-Biker dead

Accident at Zinc Choraha-Biker dead

A biker got smashed up by a trailer truck at Zinc choraha.

Accident at Zinc Choraha-Biker dead

An accident occurred at Zinc choraha this morning killing a biker. It has been reported that an uncontrollable trailer truck ran over a biker on slope.

A biker came under a trailer truck which lost control on a slope. As a result the truck’s wheel completely minced the head of the victim. The passersby could not help but scream on the sight of the victim’s condition.

Mahavir Prasad (38) was on his way to Udaipur from Kanod at 10:30 a.m. today. The trailer truck was much in speed at the Zinc choraha. It lost control on the slope and hit the biker Mahavir eventually running over his head. It has been reported that the sight of entirely smashed head was spine chilling. Some people got a sheet of cloth and covered the victim’s head.

The accident created a jam on the road. Pratapnagar police reached the spot and somehow managed to lift the victim’s body into their jeep with the help of people. The body was sent to MB hospital mortuary.

Family of the victim were informed based on the documents found in his pockets. The family members reached the mortuary and were in a shock after seeing the condition of Mahavir. The truck and bike were sent to Debari police station.

It may be noted that Debari-Zinc choraha witnesses a lot of accidents. Barricading has been done on the slope to keep a check on the speed of the vehicles. But heavy transport vehicles usually lose control on this slope and this results in accidents.

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