Mount Abu-Udaipur bus goes out of control

Mount Abu-Udaipur bus goes out of control

Bus hangs onto the edge of trench.Passengers safe.

Mount Abu-Udaipur bus goes out of control

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Roadways bus going from Mount Abu to Udaipur lost control. It headed straight onto the safety wall on the roadside. Breaking the wall the bus hung on the edge of the 20-feet deep trench. Luckily, all passengers are reported safe.

There were 40 passengers in the bus that was heading to Udaipur. While the bus was on Mount Abu-Abu Road route, it suddenly lost control and went towards road side where there is a safety wall to prevent anyone from falling into the trench. As per news, the bus broke the wall and hung onto the edge of the trench which created terror among the passengers. People in the nearby area rushed to the rescue of the passengers and pulled out all 40 passengers to safety. A few passengers have been slightly hurt.

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Police and taxi union members reached the spot and arranged for transportation of the passengers. The biggest point of relief is that the bus didn’t fall into the trench else it would have claimed lives.

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