Oil tanker overturns near Debari power house

Oil tanker overturns near Debari power house

Oil tanker overturned at Chittorgarh highway.

Oil tanker overturns near Debari power house

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A tanker containing soybean oil overturned near Debari power house. The tanker was headed towards Neemuch from Kandla.

As per reports, the tanker lost control uphill and overturned killing the driver. Soybean oil started flowing out of the tanker causing a traffic jam that continued for 2 hours. It could be removed from the spot only after midnight.

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As informed, there was car ahead of the tanker. The car driver suddenly applied brakes. Following this the tanker driver also applied brakes but the tanker lost control and went up on the divider on the road. It overturned and the driver fell under it and died on the spot. Police called for a crane to lift the tanker away from the road. Since there was oil all over the road, a few two wheelers slipped and the riders got injured. There was a 3 kilometre long traffic jam for about 2 hours. Mud was thrown all over the oil to avoid more accidents.

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