Update on radio blast in dry-cleaner’s shop

Update on radio blast in dry-cleaner’s shop

A Professor from Electrical department of CTAE(MPUT) says that a mere radio cannot cause such an explosion.


Update on radio blast in dry-cleaner’s shop

Saturday night a drycleaner died due to blast in radio in the shop. Devilal(40) owner of drycleaner shop was blown away when the radio, left by some customer a year back, blasted leaving flesh and blood all over the shop.

Police has been investigating the matter since Sunday. As per primary investigations, the copper binding wire inside the radio blasted the moment electric supply was switched on. The blast was so severe that the button and transformer of the radio hit and penetrated head and face of Devilal. FSL team has been collecting evidences from the site. On Sunday after post-mortem, Devilal’s body was handed over to his family.

Clock tower police station CI said that the copper binding transformer blasted when the radio was switched on. There were no traces of explosives on the spot. The radio was old and rusted. Family members of Devilal have not raised any kind of suspicion in this matter.

Victim’s wife Manju and daughter reported that a man had visited their shop almost a year back. He left some clothes, an idol of Lord Ganesha and the radio as well. From that day onwards, the man never returned to the shop. They are surprised as to how can a radio burst with such a loud sound. The holes that occurred in Devilal’s face which are similar to holes made by pointed article are also in question.

A Professor from Electrical department of CTAE(MPUT) says that a mere radio cannot cause such an explosion. The explosion that could be heard upto a kilometre and blow away human body is not possible with a radio. A short circuit in any electrical appliance causes spark and not such a fatal  explosion.

Neighbours claim that Devilal had no animosity with anyone. His daughter is a divorcee and the son-in-law used to threaten them but the family believes that he is not capable of doing such a heinous task.

Senior FSL specialist Abhay Pratap Singh said that no explosive or chemical substance causing blast has been obtained from the shop. The team has collected clothes, pieces of radio and other samples for investigation so that they can reach to a conclusion.

Some points that need to be clarified are :

  • How could that substance or element be in the radio which caused holes in the victim’s face?
  • What happened to the car standing outside the shop which suffered glass breakage?
  • FSL found only some parts of radio, where are the other bits?
  • Who was the man who left the radio and other stuff at the shop? Why is the matter unreported?

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