Video coach accident–Driver shows presence of mind

Video coach accident–Driver shows presence of mind

Bus driver saves passengers' lives after brake-fail.

Video coach accident–Driver shows presence of mind

In a video coach accident on Udaipur to Nathdwara road, the bus driver saved lives by showing presence of mind.

It so happened that driver Ranjeet Singh discovered that the brakes of his video coach bus failed near Ananta hospital on Monday night. Ranjeet Singh did not lose patience and took the bus towards a pit on mud road and saved the lives of 32 passengers. Everybody was shocked to see the condition of bus the next morning. They couldn’t help praising the driver’s presence of mind.

Ranjeet Singh was on his way to Jodhpur from Gujarat in Jain travels. The bus shaft broke around 11 p.m. and this failed the brakes. Since the bus was on a busy highway, the driver took the bus on a mud road that leads to a village. Before the passengers could realise what was happening, the bus was in a pit. The driver’s presence of mind saved the bus from overturning which resulted in the safety of 32 passengers.

When the driver heard the sound of shaft breaking and falling to the ground,he maintained control over the steering. Without the fear of death, he wanted to save the passengers and took the bus to a muddy road.

Source : patrikanews

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