14 days' quarantine for foreign tourists

14 days' quarantine for foreign tourists 

Directives have been issued to all hotels in Udaipur.
14 days' quarantine for foreign tourists
The hotels are now cancelling bookings for the 15 countries listed by administration.

Rajasthan is now under Section 144 as per which not more than 5 people can  gather at a place. The arrival of corona positive family(residents of Jhunjhunu) from Italy has forced the administration to enforce 144 for the purpose of safety of the others. 

The tourist places in the entire nation were closed down as safety measures on Tuesday. This was the most required step to be taken in direction of safety. 

The hotels in Udaipur have been issued directives by administration to quarantine the foreign tourists for a period of 14 days in the hotels. The countries listed in this section are China, Democratic Republic, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, European Union, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Since the administration declared a quarantine period, the hotels began cancelling the bookings of foreign tourists hailing from the countries listed above. As informed by the President of Hotel Association, the tourists will have to bear an expense of 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees for a 14 day stay in the hotels which is quite a huge amount. Most of the foreign tourists have returned to their home towns and some are in the process of vacating.

It may also be noted that a 23 year old youth who just returned from the US has been suspected of the virus and has been admitted to MB hospital. He was on a business trip to America and his investigation report will arrive in 2 days. 

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