15 Arrested and over a dozen injured in Anti CAA NRC Rally at Udaipur today

15 Arrested and over a dozen injured in Anti CAA NRC Rally at Udaipur today

2 Policement among injured. Lathicharge and unrest during the protest caused stamped
15 Arrested and over a dozen injured in Anti CAA NRC Rally at Udaipur today

Udaipur Police got into action today at the Anti CAA / NRC rally by Bahujan Kranti Morcha and other social and political groups at Udaipur.  These groups had taken permission to address a peaceful rally and request commercial establishments across the city to observe Bandh as a mark of protest against CAA and NRC.

Over a dozen people including 2 policement were injured in the lathi charge done by the police to ward of an undisciplined crowd from the Delhi Gate area and then from opposite the Collectorate.  Passersby on these routes also became victims of the action by the police as it was difficult for the policemen to segrergate the innocent from the mob.

As per a senior police officer who was contacted by UdaipurTimes, the police was in the area to maintain discipline in a peaceful rally that was taken out today in protest against the nationally debated Constitution Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens.  He told UdaipurTmies that those participating in the rally began asking shop keepers to down the shutters and support the Udaipur Bandh that was announced by some social and political groups today.  However, when some shop keepers refused to down shutters, certain anti-social elements in the mob began throwing stones and damaging property.  To control the situation, the police resorted to a lathi charge.

Further on, members of the rally demanded taking the rally through a route that was not previously agreed upon.  The police stopped them calmly and requested the rallyists to take the rally through the approved route.  However members of the mob began arguing with the police officials and bad mouthing them.  The police still tried to control the situation, but seeing matters getting out of hand, the police conducted a lathi charge to disperse the mob.  It was during this lathi charge that some people in the rally began throwing stones at the police, injuring two policemen and began chanting slogans.  The mild lathi charge resulted in a stampede which led to over a dozen civilians getting injured.

The rally proceeded to the Collectorate taking the Delhi Gate - Ashwani Bazar - Hathipol - Chetak Circle - Court Chauraha route where once again the stampede began and police once again resorted to a mild lathi charge.  Many were injured and taken to hospital by the police.  When the mob was pushed towards Ashwani Bazar once again, a few stones were hurled on shops in the area, causing damage to property.

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