394 Liquor Shop Licenses allotted in Udaipur today - Excise Depart pockets nearly 900 Crore!

394 Liquor Shop Licenses allotted in Udaipur today - Excise Depart pockets nearly 900 Crore!

Revenue for the Excise department in Rajasthan stands at nearly Rs 900 Crore by way of appllication money alone. Rs 40 Crore is Udaipur's contribution
394 Liquor Shop Licenses allotted in Udaipur today - Excise Depart pockets nearly 900 Crore!

Udaipur district has 48 English Liquor/Beer Outlets and 346 Country Liquor Outlets

4,430 applications for English/Beer Outlets, 8,986 applications for Country Liquor Outlets

This Thursday evening, some old and existing liquor contractors lost the continuity of their liquor shop contracts, while new contractors will emerge. Many licenses have been allotted to those who have never done this business earlier.  At the same time, many old and existing contractors had to leave empty handed.

The state wide Liquor Shop License allotment lottery has been drawn out across all districts of Rajasthan today.  As a standard procedure across the state, the lottery was drawn in the presence of the District Collector and the Superintendent of Police of the District. The Excise Department officers were also present.

Near about 3 Lakh applications were received by the Excise department, for liquor shop licenses across Rajasthan. Total licenses to be allotted across the state is 6,616 of which Udaipur has 394 licenses to be allotted.  13,416 applications were received for the 394 liquor shop licenses in Udaipur district.  Applications for allotment were received in the month of February 2020.

Application fee for Liquor Shop License allotment in Rajasthan is Rs 30,000 for this years allotment. In 2019-20, the fee was Rs 23,000 for a license security deposit of upto Rs 10 Lakh yearly and Rs 28,000 for a license deposit of more than Rs 10 Lakh per annum.

The lottery for allotment of liquor shops in Udaipur, both English and Country liquor, was drawn at the auditorium in Mohanlal Sukhadi University, in the presence of SP Kailash Bishnoi and Om Prakash Bunkar, Additional Collector and Additional District Magistrate Udaipur.

The total revenue of the Excise Department in Rajasthan by way of application fee collection stood at approximately Rs 900 Crore.  The contribution of Udaipur district was Rs 40 Crore 25 Lakh.

Hemendra Nagori of the Excise Department said that the allotment was inaugurated by SP Kailash Bishnoi, who drew out the first name.  He said that the name slips were kept in a transparent box on stage, in front of all the applicants.  This was done to ensure transparency to the process.

Udaipur has 48 Foreign Liquor / Beer outlets, spread across the 70 wards split into five zones in the district.  Zone 1 has the maximum 15 Beer outlets across 19 wards. Country Liquor groups across the district are 346 in number.

Rajasthan State Beverage Corporation Ltd announced that the commission on sales of liquor for licensees has been increased from 20% to 24% on sale of alcoholic beverages and from 22% to 25% on sale of Beer. The licensee earlier needed to deposit a security amount of Rs 10 lakh per brand, which has now been reduced to Rs 1 Lakh per brand. The licensee dealing in multiple brands has to pay a maximum of Rs 6 lakh to the department.

To ease the availability of imported liquor, the corporation has established a Bottling in Origin (BIO) custom bond. This bond will allow resellers to procure from other states and sell.

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