4 arrested for selling tobacco products and moving without masks

4 arrested for selling tobacco products and moving without masks

Wearing mask while at public place is mandatory.
4 arrested for selling tobacco products and moving without masks
1 general store was found selling tobacco products. The owner has been arrested. 

Police arrested 4 people on Tuesday. 3 of these were found moving without masks and 1 general store owner was arrested for selling tobacco products. 

It is quite a matter of concern that people consuming tobacco products like gutkha keep spitting on the road. Also those smoking are negligent enough and they throw the cigarette butts on the road. One of the general store owner was arrested in Hiranmagri Sector 5 as he was selling tobacco products. In the times where covid19 is spreading fast and is quite contagious, a good control over tobacco products is required as people spit on the road. The saliva if from an infected person is very likely to spread the infection and anyone can get infected even when not actually in contact with anyone. People do move out from their homes to buy rations and milk and they can easliy get infected when people spit on the road. 

Apart from this, police arrested 3 people for moving in public places without wearing masks. Masks have become a mandate because of covid19. The only way as of now to remain safe on the road is by wearing mask and by maintaining social distance. Police arrested 1 person from Sector 5, one from Sector 3 and one from University road for moving without mask. If at all you are required to move out, make sure that you have your mask on. 

Masks and social distancing are extremely important since there have been many cases of covid positive patients where they did not come in close contact with any infected person. Your safety is important and you are the one who can keep your family safe. 

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