4-day work week! Centre's new labour codes to be finalised soon

4-day work week! Centre's new labour codes to be finalised soon

4-day week with 48 hours of working or the more the working days, the less the working hours per day.

4-day work week! Centre's new labour codes to be finalised soon

-The new labour codes could provide flexibility of 4-day work week, 48 hours of total work.

-There will be a 5-day week if the working hours are increased as 4 week-day requires working 12 hours a day.

A 4-day work week has been proposed and the Ministry of Labour and Employment is likely to finalise the new labour codes. The new labour codes as proposed are likely to provide the companies with the flexibility of working only 4 days a week. The 48 hours of work a week remain unimpeached.

The Labour and Employment Secretary Apurva Chandra said that there will be a maximum of 48 hours a week and it will be a 5-day week if the working hours are reduced. If there is a 4-day week work then 12 hours a day need to be worked and it has to be decided between the employers and the employees since it is not possible for a person to work 12 hours a day.

The 4-day work week has to be mutually decided between employees and employer.

The new labour laws will not compromise the interests of labourers and employees. The final word is yet to come on the new labour laws. Chandra also said the ministry wishes to assure that any establishment will not exploit its employees at any cost.

Free-medical check-ups of the employees have been proposed by the government through the Employees State Insurance Corporation. It was also said that women will be allowed to work in all kinds of trades, and even allowed to do night shifts. The implementation of codes on wages, health and working conditions, industrial relations will ensure social security to all employees.

Chandra also said, “Both central and state governments have the right to make their own rules on this subject. The state governments are independent to make rules and regulations according to their own conditions. However, in case of any confrontation, the rules of the Centre hold precedence.”

The new labour codes are likely to be implemented in April. The ministry is in the final process of integrating 44 central labour laws into 4 broad codes on industrial relations, social security, wages and Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code (OSH).

(The advantages and disadvantages of 4-day work week:

A 4-day work week could increase productivity, lead to happier and committed employees but then certain sectors could suffer as consumers would find it extremely difficult to access government services and in the longer run the 12 hour-a-day kind of work might also lead to stress, discomfort and even disharmony among the family.)

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