Special corridor being set up in Udaipur for VIP movement during G20 Sherpa Meet - ASP Thakur elaborates on security measures in Udaipur

Special corridor being set up in Udaipur for VIP movement during G20 Sherpa Meet - ASP Thakur elaborates on security measures in Udaipur

G-20 Sherpa Meet will witness an inflow of hundreds of foreign visitors, including politicians, bureaucrats, security personnel and the who's who of international media.
Security and Law and Order in Udaipur for G20 Sherpa Summit Meeting in December, ASP Chandrasheel Thakur
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The fact that an international event of such a scale is happening at Udaipur during the busiest tourism month, makes the task of the administration even more challenging...

The Udaipur Police, with it usually active mode, is operating on the war front, with the smooth conclusion of the upcoming G-20 Sherpa Summit in Udaipur becoming their prime concern. While the District Administration is busy with logistics and beautification management, the Police is busy with security enhancement and crime management. With the arrest of three people in the much talked about and critical rail blast case of 12 November, one major concern of security in the region has been taken cared of. The arrest, which led to establish that the incident was not an act of terrorism, will result in better sleep for the care takers of law and order in the region.

G-20 Sherpa Meet, the grandest international event for the City of Lakes will witness an inflow of hundreds of foreign visitors, which will include politicians, bureaucrats, security personnel and the who's who of international media. The Udaipur Police has lot on its hands and is conducting a series security drills to ensure security of individual street across the city.

Additional SP City, Chandrasheel Thakur, in his interaction with Udaipur Times, said that regular barricading and traffic checks are in place all of 24 hours each day.  To facilitate this, 27 check points have been made in the city where all the vehicles are being checked. Local Police along with the Bomb Dog Squad (BDS) are also conducting sudden checking at various public places and the sensitive areas of the city.

He added that verification process of the  Auto Rickshaw drivers is also going on.  Surprisingly, 300 auto rickshaws of those drivers that are not having the requisite papers,have been seized in Udaipur district so far.  A drive to verify the papers of occupants of rental properties (tenants) in Udaipur is also in process, where ID Cards and other documents are being verified. The police is also tightening checks on history sheeters and hardcore criminals of the city and most of them have left the city upon getting the information of police raids, Thakur added.

Police,in coordination with the Tourism Department, is also making efforts to control incidences of loot with the tourists.  Special focus has been activated on the activities of drug addicts. The Police have rounded up few drug addicts from hotels, dharamshalas and musafirkhanas and while some have been detained under Section 151 of the Crpc, others have been booked under various sections of NDPS ACT.

Thakur said that the police have made a special traffic plan seeing the footfall of the tourists and the plan is such that during the International Summit the tourists will not have to face problems.

He further added that LAKE PATROLLING has also been started by the police at Lake Pichola and Fatah Sagar to keep an eye on the activities going on around the lakes and also keep track of any suspicious activities.  Police teams are taking rounds in the lake water with the help of boats at night and keeping a close eye on all the activities,specially the area in the vicinity of Lake Palace Hotel.

Speaking more about the security arrangements for G20 Summit Thakur said that the police is on a high alert and is doing special arrangements for the success of the event. He said that a special corridor will be made for the movement of the VIPS attending the event. Moreover, verification of every individual residing or having work places in those areas where the VIP guests will be passing through, will be done with a fine toothcomb. Checking at all Hotels, Musafirkhanas and Dharamshalas is happening on a daily basis.

Recently, a checking drive with the dog squad was conducted at the Hotel Fateh Prakash, Lake Palace and other venues where the Summit is about to take place or any other program related to itis likely to take place.

All the CCTV cameras will be checked and few more cameras will also be installed in the city and not a single stone will be left unturned to ensure the security in the city during the 3 dayG-20 Sherpa Summit meeting scheduled to be held in Udaipur in the month of December.  An event of this level is the first of its kind in India, said Thakur, and Udaipur is proud to host the first in the series.

The main motive of the police is to make the city safer place not only for the locals but the also for the tourists coming to the city.

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