COVID 'CorBEvax' Vaccine allotment in Udaipur for 12-14 age group

COVID 'CorBEvax' Vaccine allotment in Udaipur for 12-14 age group 

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Vaccination for children between 12 - 14 years of age has begun in Udaipur from today. As per the Health Department guidelines, both online as well as offline applications for vaccination will be accepted.

The Health Department has taken a ballpark figure of 5% of total population of each zone to identify the number of children in this group, as per Dr. Ashok Aditya. The CorBEvax has been approved for vaccinating children in this age group and the district has received 1,17,000 units of this vaccine, to address an estimated population of 1.8 lakh children in this age group. The vaccine allotment and zone wise targets across Udaipur district are as follows:

Tentative Distribution of CorBEvax for 12-14 Age Group

Block Population Estimate Alloted
Badgaon 186822 9341 6500
Bhinder 321313 16066 10000
Girwa 341881 17094 10000
Gogunda 254218 12711 8000
Jhadol 294842 14742 9000
Kherwara 244555 12228 8000
Kotra 272649 13632 8000
Lasadiya 98708 4935 3500
Mavli 299630 14982 8500
Rishabdev 162467 8123 5500
Salumbar 302896 15145 10000
Sarada 315514 15776 10000
Udaipur Urban 533505 26675 20000
Total Udaipur 36,29,000 18,14,500 1,17,000

As per Dr Dinesh Kharadi, CMHO, Udaipur, the age verification process will be detailed hence all acceptable age proof needs to be taken to the Vaccination centre. Children below the age of 12 WILL NOT be vaccinated. The vaccination will be spread over two doses with a minimum duration of 28 days.

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