A bitter experience at Shastri Circle Post office

A bitter experience at Shastri Circle Post office

People have reported a bitter experience at Shastri circle post office.

A bitter experience at Shastri Circle Post office

A number of people have had bitter experiences at post offices. One such experience was reported by a doctor in Udaipur.

With the festival of Raksha Bandhan falling on 7th August, the ritual of sending Rakhis to brothers via post or courier happens every year. People send their love in the form of threads of love. Dr.Gini Gupta and a lot of other citizens had queued up in Shastri Circle post office to send their rakhis through speed post. By the time Dr. Gupta reached the post office, there was already a long queue. She stood there waiting in the line for almost half an hour with her 6 year old daughter. All of a sudden at 3 p.m., the entire staff left their seats and closed down the counters. When Gini Gupta enquired about this sudden act of the staff, one of the staff members said that the post office works only until 3 p.m. on Saturdays as a rule. When Dr. Gupta pointed that no such information was put up in the office or on the information board, the staff started misbehaving with the people waiting in queue. One of the female employees went to the extent of commenting whether the staff should hang notice boards even when they are away for nature calls. Dr. Gupta also added that another female employee of the post office spoke threateningly that that her government job requires her to be in control; else she would have shown her true colours. When Post master AK Tiwari was informed about all this, he rudely asked Dr.Gupta if she knew about the post office’s Saturday rule.

Kajal Gupta, who had been standing in the queue for almost an hour, also remarked that despite waiting for an hour the post office staff didn’t accept her rakhi packet as well. There is no notice in Shastri Circle post office that declares working schedule for Saturday. The notice board only declares that Monday to Friday the post office remains open until 4 p.m. Officials of the post office said that amendments were made in the office timings only a few days back, hence notice board was not updated. He assured that update will soon be put up on the notice board.

Later, probably fear of public defamation made them open the counters again and the staff accepted packets until 4:30 p.m. but a number of people had registered their complaints in the grievance register and left without submitting their packets at the counter.

Source : bhaskarnews

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