Action against parents of minors driving vehicles

Action against parents of minors driving vehicles

Parents of minors to be punished if their child is found driving a two-wheeler.

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Action against parents of minors driving vehicles

Going ahead with road safety, police has come up with strict instructions that if a minor is found driving a vehicle, his/her parents will be required to face punishment.

SP Udaipur, Kunwar Rashtradeep, said that a campaign is going on in the entire Udaipur district. As per this campaign, parents of minors are being explained the importance of situation. If any minor is caught driving a vehicle without driving license, a case will be registered against parents for putting their child’s life in danger by giving them the possession of vehicles. The case will be registered under Child Protection Act. Police will register these cases and the parents or guardians might have to face imprisonment or make rounds of court.

Children from 9th standard to 12th standard are driving two wheelers to school. Some of them even ride expensive bikes to school. They even go to the extent of driving in great speed and face accidents. As per police, a child at 16 years of age can acquire a learning license which is meant for non-geared vehicles. But parents are also being negligent and giving geared vehicles to their children.

The point to be noted here is that once a minor faces and accident and also doesn’t hold a valid license; getting claim for the damages becomes an impossible task. Parents are therefore requested to use school buses for their children instead of allowing them to drive to school.

The point here is that parents have their own alibis. As per parents, schools do not have the provision of school buses for students beyond 9th standard. Auto rickshaw drivers refuse to take grown-ups in their autos and agree only if they get extra payment. Expenses incurred on private vehicles are less than the bus fare and auto fare. Schools also provide two-wheeler parking facility to students.

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