Addressed to Udaipur District Collector and administration - Is being strict the only way out?

Addressed to Udaipur District Collector and administration - Is being strict the only way out?

With Section 144 in place and Udaipur recording over 100 cases per day for the last 4 days, does the administration and police need to get strict in managing the crowd? Requests by the District Collector over the last 2 months have not resulted in any respite from the COVID cases. No decrease, no stabilisation, only increase.
Addressed to Udaipur District Collector and administration - Is being strict the only way out?
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  • 460 new COVID cases in the last 4 days
  • Udaipur is set to touch 4000 COVID positive cases in the next two days
  • Positive to reports ratio is upwards of 10% for the last four days

Addressed to the Udaipur District Collector, Shri Chetan Ram Deora

Dear Sir

This is being written on behalf of the concerned residents of Udaipur. The COVID situation is apparent to all of us in the district. The exponential increase visible in Udaipur is not different from other areas in Rajasthan or India.

Inspite of a correction in total COVID positive numbers in the district by nearly 10% a week ago, the total count is rising exponentially and we are set to touch 4,000 COVID positive cases in the next couple of days (3,807 as on 23 September).

Subsequent to the Rajasthan government imposing Section 144 on 19 September, your office had issued the official order for imposition of Section 144 in Udaipur with effect from 6pm on 20 September. The order expressely mentions that anyone found violating the norms under prohibitions imposed by Section 144 will be penalised and legal action will be taken. In your earlier message to the people you had mentioned that "दंड नहीं देना, fine नहीं लेने...समझ से काम लेना है...". अब आपके सामने है...समझ से काम नहीं चल रहा.

In the last 15 days, since the gates of the various lakes of Udaipur have been opened to let the flow of water be released, you, Sir, have witnessed the gatherings at these places. Though Section 144 was NOT in PLACE at that time, certain restrictions on timings and social distancing under the Unlock guidelines were still in place. What did the administration or the police do to restrict such massive gatherings? The police is omnipresent at certain areas of the city and stopping people who are passing by in the late hours and checking their masks...even when they are sitting in their car. Is police manning the larger gatherings at public and tourist places?

Under Section 144 you have express powers to take disciplinary action. However, when police is absent at public spots, not many care about the law. Morning walkers at Fatehsagar are taking precautions to a large extent. However a few are also exploiting the absence of police. Over the last 5 days, many have been seen swimming in Fatehsagar. If police is present and those who are law abiding ask the police, there is one answer - हमारी कोई नहीं सुनता. Collector sahib...लोग सुनेंगे...आप कि भी और पुलिस कि भी .. अगर आप वक़्त पे दंड देंगे तो हर कोई सुनेगा और महामारी कि दहशत को समझेगा!! Police should ensure that swimming in the lakes is banned.

You were present at Fatehsagar when the overflow gates were opened and in your presence a large number of people were present at the location...some with masks, but standing close to each other and other even without masks. IF people can behave in this manner in front of you, then can do so elsewhere as well, with no fear.

When Unlock 1 was initiated, police used to man the public places, especially Fatehsagar and informative messages were played on the road light lamp posts asking people to be careful. You had a video appeal sent across all media channels. A majority of people are not interested in folowing your guidance.  Reason? There is no fear!!

Instill the fear of penalty, instil the fear of law and order - and things will fall in place. During lockdown, fear was apparent, Udaipur was behaving Unlock is not being manned well. Policing and administration needs to be stricter during Unlock phase. You, Collector Sahib and Superintendent of Police are the best judge, we can only suggest. Here is how a small country is ensuring social distancing and succeeding.

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