Anonymous complaints to be rejected

Anonymous complaints to be rejected

Police will not entertain anonymous complaints anymore.

Anonymous complaints to be rejected

Anonymous complaints will not be entertained anymore and will be rejected.

As per the latest update, if anyone wishes to lodge a complaint of corruption against any government official or any other issue then it is mandatory to have the complainant’s name. Anonymous complaints will not be entertained. The complaint must also be supported by evidence. It has also been specified that if evidence or proof of grounds of complaint are not submitted in the given time frame, the same complaint will be considered null and void.

The above orders were issued by ADG DC Jain. Though the orders have basically been issued by the personnel department, ADG Jain has forwarded the same to Police department to be followed with immediate effect.

As per police officials, their department receives a lot of anonymous complaints of corruption against government officials. Many a times, after a long duration of search and investigation, the complaint turns out to be based on fake grounds. The investigation requires a lot of time investment which goes waste. The order says that primary investigation should be carried out when complaints are received against government officials.

Primary investigation includes:

  • Dismissal of anonymous complaints and complaints based on hypothecation. It also includes finding details of complainant.
  • Unclear accusation: If any complaint is based on the accused being corrupt and has collected a lot of property and wealth but is not supported by any evidence or instance will be dismissed based on unclear facts.
  • If a complaint doesn’t have anything that requires investigation but is supported by details of complainant, then the complainant will be asked to furnish evidences to support the accusation. If the evidences are found satisfactory under primary investigation, only then will the complaint be considered appropriate.

As per ASP Sudhir Joshi, the department receives a number of anonymous complaints. After investigation, most of these complaints turn out to be baseless. This is the reason why such orders have been issued.

Source : bhaskarnews

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