Another circuit house coming up in Lake City, Udaipur

Another circuit house coming up in Lake City, Udaipur

The new circuit house will have 13 rooms.
Another circuit house coming up in Lake City, Udaipur
The existing circuit house goes short of accommodation and a new circuit house is the need of the hour.

The circuit house in Udaipur which accommodates special guests or the VIPs goes short of rooms and many guests are not able to find accomodation here. Hence a new circuit house has been proposed to deal with the situation. 

There are 30 rooms in the circuit house alongside Fathesagar Lake. But it happens very often that all the rooms get occupied and there is no more accommodation left for the new guests. The authorities are forced to cut a sorry figure.

There is another building near Anand Bhawan which has 17 rooms. As per a proposal to deal with the shortage of rooms, 13 rooms of this building, the dak-bungalow, will be used for guests. Initially when the authorities tried to construct new rooms they couldn't do so because of legal complications as the building falls in the prohibitted area and new construction could not be allowed. 

Now that government has given its approval for the rooms of the dak-bungalow to be used for the guests, 13 rooms will be handed over to the General Administrative Department (GAD). Once all the rooms of the circuit house are booked, the rooms from the dak-bungalow will be given to the guests with the arrangement of morning tea and breakfast. Lunch and dinner facilities will have to availed in the circuit house only.

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