Aprons introduced for Udaipur Sanitation Workers

Aprons introduced for Udaipur Sanitation Workers

Udaipur Municipal Corporation Ensures Safety and Hygiene for Sanitation Workers

udaipur sanitation workers

Udaipur Sanitation Workers: In a bid to enhance safety and hygiene standards for sanitation workers, Udaipur Municipal Corporation has initiated a significant measure. Since April 2, 2024 sanitation workers have been equipped with aprons, marking a pivotal shift in their daily work routine. 

Municipal Commissioner Ram Prakash highlighted the reason behind this decision, emphasizing the importance of hygiene and safety in sanitation work. He further affirmed that all sanitation workers will soon have access to these aprons, ensuring uniformity in safety measures across the workforce.

The introduction of aprons serves a dual purpose

Facilitating easy identification of sanitation workers during their duties and promoting personal hygiene while carrying out sanitation tasks. By mandating the wearing of aprons during work hours, the Corporation aims to mitigate potential health risks and enhance overall operational efficiency.

This addition is particularly important for workers engaged in early morning or late-night shifts, as it enables them to be easily identified from a distance, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents in low-light conditions.


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