Ashutosh Pednekar says that the COVID spread in Udaipur will be controlled soon

Ashutosh Pednekar says that the COVID spread in Udaipur will be controlled soon

Deciding and implementing the post lockdown strategy is more important and so is the management of the incoming migrants
Ashutosh Pednekar says that the COVID spread in Udaipur will be controlled soon
  • COVID menace in Udaipur is not widespread and will be contained soon
  • Udaipur discipline is being talked about at state and national level
  • Udaipur administration is fully equipped to handle the situation

Geographical spread pattern of COVID and seriousness of cases in Udaipur suggests that the situation will be brought under control very soon.  These were the words of Ashutosh Pednekar, who has been at the helm in Udaipur when he served the district as Collector from 2013 till 2015.  Collector Aanandhi had also expressed her thoughts on the same lines a few days back in her address to the media. 

Ashutosh was assigned to Udaipur by the Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan today, to look into the growing spread of COVID in Udaipur.  He arrived in Udaipur late on Wednesday night and has since been at the forefront of reviewing the situation in the district.

In his address to media today evening, Ashutosh said that his concern rests more on the post lockdown arrangements and spike in cases thereon, rather than the current situation.  He said that the spike in Udaipur is like that in many other cities in India. In other cities the spike happpened earlier and in Udaipur it has happened over the last 15 days.

The positive part of the cases in Udaipur, he added, is that a large majority of the 435 COVID cases are from a very controlled geographical area of the urban part of Udaipur.  Not many rural areas are affected and even in the urban block, the spread has not spread across many parts.  A larger number being from specific areas means that the menace is not widespread and will be under control soon.

The other positive on Udaipur's tryst with COVID19 is that the cases are very moderate in nature and most of the cases are asymptomatic.  The one off unfortunate death can be identified as a blip in the entire picture.

He maintained that Udaipur administration is well equippped with ample healthcare facilities as well as sufficient force to maintain law and order.  He is also reviewing the screening, testing and quarantine proceedings for incoming migrants.

His prime focus was with the post lockdown strategy, which will decide how the spread is contained once the relaxations are allowed.  Ashutosh mentioned explicitly that the disciplined approach of the people of Udaipur is being talked about at the state and national level as well.  This discipline will go a long way in defining how the post lockdown spread is contained.

Ashutosh will be spending the next few days in assessing the testing, screening, monitoring and availablity of quarantine centres, their upkeep, the management in the curfew areas, etc with the officials of the Udaipur administration.

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