August averages near 50 COVID cases per day in Udaipur - Community Spread in the reckoning?

August averages near 50 COVID cases per day in Udaipur - Community Spread in the reckoning?

As per sources, authorities at Udaipur have said that though community spread is not apparent at this stage in Udaipur, the rate at which the positive cases are increasing, specially with new cases coming in regularly, the inability to identify the source now and in future may put Udaipur under community spread.
August averages near 50 COVID cases per day in Udaipur - Community Spread in the reckoning?

Spread of an infection is classified under Community Spread when the source of infection is not identifiable. This is happening in Udaipur now.

  • average per day cases have risen from 5 to 50 in two months
  • total cases have doubled in August from 1304 to 2722 (108%)
  • new cases averaging at 80%
  • 32 deaths recorded in Udaipur; 18 in August alone

Udaipur was among the better managed among Indian cities in the earlier months of the COVID crisis. When lockdown was imposed, Udaipur was averaging 15 cases per day, which reduced to 5 per day in the month of June when Unlock 1 began. However, the average shot up to 19 in July and August has averaged at 50 cases per day.

The highest hit for COVID in Udaipur, 158 cases in one day, has also come on 27 August.  Udaipur has registered a total 32 deaths due to COVID.

Earlier, as the cases increased after the initial blast, it was attributed to migrants who were entering the district. A couple of weeks back, the number of close contacts of migrants and some new cases in the city were contributing to the rising numbers. However, while the migrant cases have neared extinction, the number of new cases have been showing a significant rise, rangin between 55%-80% of total cases per day.

All of these above numbers go to show that Udaipur is gradually on verge of entering the Community Spread phase. 

Dr Dinesh Kharadi, CMHO, Udaipur, in an interview to a news channel cautiously said that though community spread is not visible now, the rising numbers look to be edging Udaipur district towards community spread.  Whilst the administration has been doing a good job round the clock jointly with the health department as well as the police department, the social distancing norms are not being adhered to generally.

Elaborating that the purpose of unlock was to ensure that economic activities gradually move into the best possible normal cycle in pandemic times, people of Udaipur, who were sincerely following lockdown norms during the initial months, are not adhering to social distancing norms and are moving about unnecessarily in groups and in congested areas such as tourist spots, malls and market places, without there being a dire need to do the same.

CMHO advised that there is still a chance that community spread can be restricted. It is up to the people to ensure that social distancing protocol is adhered to and unnecessary movement in crowded areas be avoided to the best possible. Regular washing of hands, staying away from public places, wearing mask while out of the house and maintaining hygiene at work and at home are the mandatory corrections that need to be made in order to be safe.

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