Broken Stone Barricade on Fatehsagar Lake is inviting accidents

Broken Stone Barricade on Fatehsagar Lake is inviting accidents

UIT XEN Gehrilal Sharma has asked for a two day window to have the barricade rebuilt. Contractor has been informed and Barricade will be rebuilt in another two days
Broken Stone Barricade on Fatehsagar Lake is inviting accidents
An unknown vehicle charged into the lak baaricade at Fatehsagar and damaged two blocks

Fatehsagar Lake, which is revered as the heart of the City of Lakes has been the beauty benchmark of Udaipur for decades.  However, the banks that merge with the water across a large portion of the perimeter, also invite accidents due to rouch driving or carelessness.

One such incident on 18 November led to the breaking of the stone barricades that have been erected on the shore, to prevent children and vehicles falling into the water. An unknown vehicle rammed into a portion of the barricade, damaging it considerably and leaving the gap open.  These barricades or fences, apart from beautifying the contour of the lake, also provide a safety measure.

This open broken barricade is located approximately 100 meters from the edge of the overflow point, towards Bambaiya Bazar. Apart from spoiling the beauty of the area, this incident is also an open intivation to accidents in the area.

Apart from tourists visiting the lake, it also a tightly packed area in the evenings with people sitting on this barricades, children playing around in the area and a lot of activity.  The breaking of this barricade has also cause the nearby barricades to become unstable.

It has been two days since this accident happened and the UIT, which is responsible for the maintenance of this area, has not looked into it.  UdaipurTime took the initiative of visiting this location and sharing the matter with the XEN at UIT, Gehrilal Sharma.  After hearing the entire stry adn seeing the pictures, Sharma assured UT that UIT will look into the matter and have the barricade restored in a couple of days.  This means a delay of another two days is putting things at risk.  UT adivsed the XEN that till the time the contractor does not rebuild the barricade, there can be temporary barricades arranged or a watch guard in the area to ensure that safety is assured.

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