Centre setup in Udaipur for Coronavirus Quarantine | CMHO urges restrain and support

Centre setup in Udaipur for Coronavirus Quarantine | CMHO urges restrain and support

Those being sent to Quarantine Centre are not positive.. It is just a precaution. Rapid Force and Udaipur Administration are ensuring that sanity prevails
Centre setup in Udaipur for Coronavirus Quarantine | CMHO urges restrain and support

Infected Country Travellers to Udaipur will be in Institutional Quarantine for 14 days and then under Home Quarantine for another 14 days

False Rumours on those sent to Quarantine being Positive | Refrain from spreading

Udaipur is taking unprecendented action - DONT SPREAD RUMOURS...

As per latest reports, the adminstration, under the orders of the District Collector, is rounding up all those in Udaipur, who have recently travelled in from abroad, irrespective of the country from which they have come. This includes Indians as well as foreigners.

Disaster Management instructions from Udaipur District Collector, Anandi's office (#1519 dated 20 March 2020) have been issued.  As a part of the Disaster Management process, the administration has designated the hostel of Harishchandra Mathur Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration, (HCMRIPA) as authorised centers for keeping the people under quarantine for the designated number of days. Quarantine camps will be organised at HCMRIPA.

Rooms at Quarantine Centre in Udaipur

Those who have travelled from China, South Korea, Iran, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait either directly or enroute, will be quarantined and kept in the hostels of the HCMRIPA for designated number of days.  The Rapid Action force, consisting of Hospital staff as well as the Police, will go to each home and bring them to the quarantine center.

Instructions for continuous monitoring and effective implementation at Udaipur Quarantine Centre

  • Sub Division Officer Girwa, Dr Soumya Jha will be the officer incharge of the Quarantine Facility
  • Chief Medical and Health Officer, Udaipur - Dr Dinesh Kharadi will appoint a Doctor for the Quarantine facility, who will be responsible for the examination of those under quarantine, once in a day
  • Udaipur Superintendent of Police will ensure that enough police force is available around the clock to ensure that those in quarantine are well protected
  • District Logistics Officer will ensure coordination with the Director of HCMRIPA to ensure that proper food and water is made available to those under quarantine

Lets show empathy and abstain from spreading rumors

This recent development has caused a furore in the city, as the hospital ambulance as well as police vehicles are going to each house where such people are staying.

In a case today evening, a lady and her husband who returned from Kuwait 13 days ago, were also picked up from their house in Bohrawadi, Udaipur.  The lady had earlier, on arriving from Kuwait, voluntarily gone to hospital for a checkup and had stayed there for 3 days, before being released after her tests confirmed NEGATIVE.  Her stay was marred with uncertainity and there was no facility available at the quarantine centre at MB Hospital.  Today, as a precautionary measure, she also had to join the ranks of those who never had their checkup done.  As the vehicles arrived under her home, there was panic in the area, and people assumed that she was a positive case of Coronavirus, and messages spread on social media.  This caused a lot of distress to the couple as well as amidst her family... both immediate and extended.

PEOPLE SHOULD SHOW MATURITY AND EMPATHY IN SUCH CASES AND REFRAIN FROM SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION IN CASES WHERE THEY HAVE NO IDEA AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON. This is the time to be supportive and help each other, to come out of distress, rather than create furore and panic among the community.

Udaipur CMHO, Dr Dinesh Kharadi, in his earlier press conference, requested all toe inform the task force on 0294-2414620 if they are aware of anyone who has come from one of the above countries to Udaipur.  As of now, no sample of test results have tested Positive.

District Transport Officer Kalpana Sharma informed that Buses entering the district from Mangalwar, Khara Quan and Ratanpur border are being scanned for fitness. Their data base is being prepared and sent to the CMHO office. Any suspicious cases are being sent to hospital or are being home quarantined.

PLEASE NOTE... how we as individuals and society and community behave, will go a long way in addressing our character.  We need to come out of this together. Help each other and assist the administration - Police, UMC, Collectorate and Health Department in helping us.

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