Chetan Ram Deora at the helm in Udaipur and Anandi to head Alwar | Challenges that lie ahead

Chetan Ram Deora at the helm in Udaipur and Anandi to head Alwar | Challenges that lie ahead

Both IAS officers have a mammoth task ahead and arguably their exemplary performance has defined their new roles. Udaipur has seen an exponential rise in COVID cases in the last 5 days and Alwar positive count has doubled to reach 715 in the last 10 days.
Chetan Ram Deora at the helm in Udaipur and Anandi to head Alwar | Challenges that lie ahead

The reigns of Udaipur have been handed over to Chetan Ram Deora, IAS (RJ 2008). He will be the District Magistrate and Collector of Udaipur district and has been transferred from Chittorgarh, where he was serving as District Collector from September 2019.

This transfer comes at a time when the number of COVID cases in Udaipur, that had stabilized to an average of nearly 5 per day during UNLOCK – 1 (1-30 June), has shot up to an average of 15 per day. 83 new COVID cases between 1st July and 6th July has sent the graph rocketing up once again. Deora has a mammoth task at hand.

The IAS transfers of the previous week were augmented over the weekend and Udaipur saw an unexpected move. District Collector Anandi, who was at the helm of affairs during the COVID19 battle in the city, has been transferred to Alwar as District Magistrate and Collector. Alwar has witnessed an exponential jump on positive cases in the last two weeks. The jump in number of COVID positive cases in Alwar will present a challenge for Udaipur's outgoing Collector, Anandi. The number of positive cases in Alwar have nearly doubled (315) in the last 10 days (from 400 to 715).*  PLEASE NOTE AN UPDATE TO THIS NUMBER at 9:30PM: Alwar numbers have gone up to 758 as of day end 6 July.

Over the last 35 days since the lockdown was substantially lifted, it has come to notice that people are not observing safety measures and have taken the relief for granted. Unnecessary transit in market areas, leaving home casually, accumulating in lots at fast food joints and tourist areas has created a rise in the number of cases.” – Dr Dinesh Kharadi, CMHO, Udaipur.

Anandi had been at the helm of affairs when the COVID blast between 4-11 May resulted in 542 cases till 31 May. When Unlock 1 began, the exponential growth in the number of cases had eased and the month of June 2020 witnessed 151 new cases, which was a 27% increase over May.  However, the last 6 days have given us 83 new cases, at the time of publishing this post, which is a 12% increase in just 5 days.

25% of the new cases in July have been migrants. 20 new cases of 81 new cases this month are migrants. Of the 151 new cases in June, 53% (80) were migrants.

Chittorgarh, from where Deora has been transferred, has not had a single new case since Unlock 2 began.  The number of positive cases is stable at 211. The population of Chittorgarh is nearly 50% of Udaipur and the number of positive cases is less than 30% of Udaipur.  With nearly 38000 samples having been tested in Udaipur, the number of samples tested at Chittorgarh is just 12,000, which is less than 50% of the number of samples tested at Udaipur. Chittorgarh has not seen a positive case since June 28.

About Chetan Ram Deora

Deora has held the post of Collector in Dungarpur for a period of 9 months, from December 2018 till September 2019.  Post this tenure, he was transferred to Chittorgarh as District Magistrate and Collector on 23 September 2019. Once again, after serving Chittorgarh for another 9 months, he has been handed over the reigns of Udaipur.

This transfer comes along with the 103 other IAS transfers that took place last week amidst the COVID crisis that has gripped the world.

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