Municipality: City Sanitation Inspection Reveals Absence of Eight Workers

Municipality: City Sanitation Inspection Reveals Absence of Eight Workers

Deputy Mayor assures decisive measures against any shortcomings

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Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi, while conducting a thorough inspection of the city's sanitation arrangements, found that eight sanitation workers were absent from their assigned duty stations in Dhanmandi area. He immediately instructed issuing notices to all the absent employees, requesting explanations for their absence. Health Officer Satyanarayan Sharma issued notices directing everyone to provide explanations according to the given instructions.

Paras Singhvi, who is also Chairman of the Health Committee of the UMC, initiated a comprehensive inspection of the sanitation facilities across various wards of the city on 30 April. He was joined by Municipal Commissioner Abhiyanta Mukesh Pujari, Health Officer Satyanarayan Sharma, and Health Inspector Subhash Chandra Sharma during the inspection.

Singhvi implemented a rigorous inspection program for the city's wards, conducting daily cleanliness assessments in different areas. Employee attendance and cleanliness standards will be evaluated, and decisive measures will be taken against any shortcomings observed in these aspects.

He undertook inspections in various areas such as Dhanmandi School Marg, Kali Bawdi, Main Market, Lakhara Chowk, Teliwara, Kumawatpura, and additional locations to evaluate the cleanliness conditions. During these inspections, he interacted with residents to obtain information about the current sanitation activities happening in these areas.

Inspections will be conducted consistently

Paras Singhvi revealed his intentions to improve the city's cleanliness through daily comprehensive inspections of various wards. Additionally, conversations will be initiated with residents to brainstorm ideas for enhancing the city's aesthetic appeal.

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