Command centre cameras have poor resolution

Command centre cameras have poor resolution

Command centre cameras have poor resolution.

Command centre cameras have poor resolution

Crime is increasing in Udaipur city. Every now and then we hear of some unpleasant incident which freezes our thoughts. The issue is that catching criminals has become a tough job. This is mainly due to lack of surveillance equipments or because of poor machinery of these so-called surveillance equipments.

Abhay Command Centre claims to take control of crime by keeping a watch over the main centres of the city. The trouble here is that surveillance cameras installed under Abhay Command Centre are proving to be useless as they do not record any incident clearly. The cameras barely have a 2 mega pixel resolution which does not record clear images. The footages of these cameras neither show the faces of criminals clearly nor the vehicle numbers. If these important information cannot be recorded by CCTV cameras, then they are strictly of no use. The camera quality is extremely low.

It is being pointed out that CCTV cameras installed in 2015 were of a very good quality and the footages recorded have turned out well. These cameras are still in good condition. Udaipur police had these cameras installed in 2015 at Chetak Circle, Delhi Gate, Udiapole, Dudhtalai and Fatehsagar and all of these are still functioning well. One of the cameras at Udiapole stopped working as its cable got damaged while drainage work was going on. Nakoda Telecom, which is responsible for the cameras here, said that a budget of 25000 rupees has been presented to UIT for the repair of camera. Once the budget is approved, the camera at Udiapole will be fixed.

Capacity of the cameras by Ahbay Command Centre- 2 mega pixel and 12 mm zoom lens

Capacity of cameras by nakoda Telecom- 2.4 mega pixel and 12 to 55 mm zoom lens

As per SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal, Abhay Command Centre is functioning quite well but the quality of cameras is not good. The higher authorities have been informed about this situation.

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