Converting marble slurry dumping yard into forest area

Converting marble slurry dumping yard into forest area

Plantation to be done on marble slurry dumping yard.

Converting marble slurry dumping yard into forest area

Marble slurry dumping yard will be converted to a dense forest area. The marble slurry dumping yard is spread on 18 hectares of land.  From Roopsagar catchment to Bhuwana, the marble slurry dumping area is used as a dumping yard for Ayad River. 24th October onwards, an average of 100 dumpers daily was emptied in this area. Until now almost 900 dumpers have vacated the content from Ayad River under the UIT’s instructions.

All the 4 dams are full of slurry. The point of worry is that this slurry might flow into Khelgaon someday with rain water during monsoon season. The marble slurry dams are not safe. This fact cannot be overlooked. Administration needs to pay attention to these 4 dams which can get damaged any day. In 2011 a technical committee was made. As per the committee’s report, the area has become risky. Anil Mehta, Joint Secretary of the Lake Conservation society said that expert advice must be taken for the safety of the dams.

Plantation on yard- A unique experiment

Collector Bishnu Charan Mallick said that a dense forest will be developed on this marble slurry dumping yard. This will be a unique experiment in itself for Udaipur. The slurry has long settled in the dumping yard. A layer of 8 feet soil will be spread over the marble slurry. Plantation will be done on this layer of soil. As per the Collector, there doesn’t seem to be any possibility of risk in this plantation. He said that he will also look into the report submitted to administration by the technical committee and give his final opinion.

UIT Chairman Ravindra Shrimali said that experts’ advice will be taken for plantation. The aim is not only to have plants but also to keep them alive and make them grow.

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