Court demands reports of boats and jetties in Lake Pichola

Court demands reports of boats and jetties in Lake Pichola

The lakes need to be protected. Action needs to be taken against illegal boating and the jetties.
Court demands reports of boats and jetties in Lake Pichola

-Why are boats being used when there are roads leading to the hotel?

-A commissioner has been appointed by the court for strict vigilance of lakes.

Court has become very strict with the protection of lakes after valid issues regarding the boating and jetties of the hotels were raised. Recently this issue was highlighted after a hotel damaged the Panchdevria ghat at Lake Pichola for constructing a jetty without taking approval from the administration.

It may be noted that questions have been raised even in the past regarding use of boats and construction of jetties for taking guests to the hotels. The transportation of tourists to the hotel via boats is mainly to attract the tourists. There are hotels that have built their own jetties where their guests can relax while a boat arrives to pick them.

The court, after taking the issues raised in record, has demanded that a detailed report must be provided of the number of boats and jetties being used in Lake Pichola. A commissioner has also been appointed by the court to be on strict surveillance to ensure that the lakes are not polluted in any way.

The court also questioned that when there are roads leading to the hotels, why are boats being used? Directives have been issued that all boats and jetties to the hotels must be shut down immediately where roads are available.

The lake development also raised issues of wastage of lake water, cruise in the lake and contaminated water flowing into the lakes. The issue raised against the narrowing of the ring road with garbage and debris has also been taken care of by the court and now the ring road is being cleared and a widened look will soon be available. The commissioner looking after the ring road work has said that until and unless the entire road is cleaned and cleared, there will be no vacation provided to any of the workers.

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