Dividers at Durga Nursery road and Chetak Circle

Dividers at Durga Nursery road and Chetak Circle

Dividers to be made at various areas in Udaipur city.

Dividers at Durga Nursery road and Chetak Circle

To ease the traffic situations, dividers are going to be built at Durga Nursery road and Chetak Circle. The work has begun at Chetak Circle on Tuesday and Durga Nursery work will be carried on in the second stage.

There is too much of traffic at Chetak Circle and Durga Nursery road. People do not take care of traffic rules and cross the road anyhow to move to the other side. This has also resulted in a number of accidents and also traffic jams in these areas. To deal with these situations, dividers are the only way to ensure that traffic moves smoothly. It has been pointed out that the roads will not narrowed down because of dividers.

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The various other roads which will have dividers soon are:

  • Fathepura to RK Circle
  • Court Circle to Shastri Circle
  • Fatehpura to Devali
  • Shiksha Bhawan Circle to the Swaroop Sagar kala kivad area
  • Pahadi Bus stand to UIT Circle
  • Fatehpura police station to UIT Circle
  • Fathepura to Syphen
  • Court Circle to Collector’s residence
  • Delhi Gate to Hathipole
  • Udiapole, Police Conference hall to Subcity centre

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