Encroachments removed from Durga Nursery road

Encroachments removed from Durga Nursery road

Durga Nursery roads now looks much better after the efforts of 4 hours. 
Encroachments removed from Durga Nursery road
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Bottleneck at Durga Nursery road cleared to make the road better and wider. 

Municipal Corporation Udaipur came into action on Monday and cleared the encroachments from the city's prominent road-Durga Nursey road. It took around 4 hours for the teams to clear up the encroachments. 

Durga Nursery road is an extremely travelled road and faces traffic jams very often. There are illegal encroachments here and the width of the road has been affected by these encroachments. The turns on this road were cleared so that people going towards Ashok Nagar from the Sukhadia Memorial area can smoothly pass through.

There is already a road here but the branches of trees, 2-wheeler parking and the ramps illegally made by certain shops were an obstruction in traffic and had narrowed down the road to agreat extent. All these obstructions were cleared.

Since this Ashok Nagar turn has been cleared, it is being expected that there will be no more traffic jams at this turn as the width of the road will enable the people to drive on smoothly without getting stuck in queues. Now the traffic police needs to be more alert so that encroachments do not cover the place again and strict action must be taken against the people who do not pay heed to the directions of administration. 

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