Few Colonies of Udaipur are not addressing the Lockdown orders in spirit

Few Colonies of Udaipur are not addressing the Lockdown orders in spirit

It is important for residents to take care of their houses and educate their neighborhood. Micro level care is the only possible option to stop the infection from spreading
Few Colonies of Udaipur are not addressing the Lockdown orders in spirit
There are many small battles to be fought in attempting to win the war against Coronavirus.  Each battle is to be fought at the community and city level

In spite of the concern factor over Coronavirus reaching a significant zenith, and people across town showing resilience and solidarty in honoring the lockdown regulations in spirit, a few colonies in the walled city still do not seem to have got the hang of the situation.  It seems they are taking it for granted.

One such colonies is Bohrawadi, situated in the middle of the walled city, sandiwiched in between the most croweded market places of Udaipur, viz. Ashwani Bazar, Maldas Street, Dhan Mandi, Ghantaghar, Dholi Bawdi, etc.

Our reporter's visits to Bohrawadi during the last few days, which was a result of the complains of concern raised by a few aware residents of the area, facilitated this information.  Many people in Bohrawadi, especially the aged, are whiling away time in the bylanes, sitting outside their homes (Khadki) and strolling on the empty streets as if it were a normall curfew with a time out in place.

People are going to the Masjid as usual, and not taking the requisite care. Those who are concerned in Bohrawadi, have complained that those living there are moving about without any protection, without masks, and moving in groups. Every evening is like a festival, where small group of people get together and celebrate their forced holiday.  Our team had approached the related police station (Dhan Mandi Thana) and the police did come to the area and educated the people on their responsibility.  But the situation is still not under control.

What they are not understanding is that the lockdown is in place to safeguard their health and that of the community and city.  The fight against the spread of Coronavirus is a war at the global level, with directions for country level restrictions and regulations being put in place by the administration and thinktanks.  However, there are thousands of small battles to be fought to win this war.  These battles are to be fought at state level, distric level, city level, tehsil level, community level and neighborhood level.  Any battle, if not fought with resilience and correct focus, may result in us losing the war.  The world will go on, but we as individuals might already have put a lot at stake.

Over the last one month now, and Udaipur, though being one of the most highly exposed cities to the imported Coronavirus, has shown resilience in fighting it off till date.

The credit for this goes to the proactive approach of the District Administration, which included the Collector, Police and their team.  When the first indications of a suspect being in Udaipur were identified, the administration ordered partial lock down on hotels and tourist enty checks as well as sanitization of those who were the probable contacts to such suspect carriers of the Coronavirus.

Now, with the passage of time and the instructions coming in from the State Government as well from the Prime Minister's office, the city administration has implemented a lot of strict checks in the city. It is upto the residents of the city to show solidarity and help in winning this war.

Inspite of the city administration instructing strict guidelines on movement and forming crowds, the inner markets are still not adhering to the instructions or following the requisite care.

Market area inside Hathipol

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