Gradient changes in foreign tourists coming to Udaipur

Gradient changes in foreign tourists coming to Udaipur

European Tourists percentage goes down in Udaipur in the last three years, but significant rise seen in tourists coming in from the United St


Gradient changes in foreign tourists coming to Udaipur

A noticeable change has been observed in tourism figures for Lake City, Udaipur.  In the last year three years, there has been a decline in the European tourists coming to Udaipur.

As compared to the Europeans, the graph of American and Australian tourists has gone up.  Earlier US and Australian tourist numbers were very less, but the last few years have seen more of them.  Where American tourists have gone up by 40%, the Australian numbers have seen a rise of 25%.  French tourist graph has gone down by almost 15%.

French, Italian, German and other European tourists were a common sight in Udaipur previously but the stats of the last three years show more of Americans and Australians.  Italian and German numbers are almost the same every year.  Vivek Joshi, of the Tourism Department said that Europeans , especially French, have mostly been seen around in Udaipur, but in the last three years of tourism data, American and Australian tourists have outdone  Europeans, which is actually a good sign for Udaipur tourism.

The Foreign Tourist matrix for Udaipur is as follows:

Country                                2014                       2015                       2016

America                                  16,756                       19,155                        23,111

Australia                                   9,559                       10,711                       12,013

UK                                             17,511                      17,888                       21,298

France                                     32,983                     29,978                       27,994

Italy                                            9,018                       7,249                         6,094

Source Courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar

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