Great separator choraha of Debari to be ready by September

Great separator choraha of Debari to be ready by September

The choraha is sure to ease the traffic at this National Highway.
Great separator choraha of Debari to be ready by September
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2 National Highways to cross this route and it is a part of the Debari-Kaya 6-lane project.

The Debari Great separator choraha is likely to complete by September 2020. It may be noted that the work of this major choraha was supposed to complete in November 2019, but certain obstructions slowed down the pace and now that the work is in progress again, it is likely to complete by September this year.

The design of the choraha is such that 2 National Highways will cross each other and the biggest point is that traffic will be at complete ease.The  choraha is being constructed at the junction of NH-76 and NH-8.

Sadbhav construction had received a package of 891 crore rupees for the 6-lane project at Debari-Kaya route. The entire route is around 23.88 kms long. The Great separator choraha falls under this project. The separator project will attract a budget of around 45 crores. It will be 405 metres long and 6.5 metres high. 2 half-flower leaps are also being constructed which will connect NH-76 and NH-8. A smooth traffic can be expected after the completion of this project. 

The company officials informed that the work of this choraha had commenced in November 2017 and was scheduled to end by November 2019. But since appropriate land was not available and also that the area has a number of religious centres, a high tension electricity line also crosses the area...the work got affected to a great extent. The cutting of the hills consumed a lot of time because the topography of Udaipur is much in contrast as compared to the other cities. But now that all the obstructions have been dealt with, it is being hoped that the work will pick up the required pace and the project will complete by September 2020.

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