Gross errors in Voter-ID cards

Gross errors in Voter-ID cards

Voter ID cards have gross errors.

Gross errors in Voter-ID cards

A lot of campaigning is going on for Voter-ID cards. Having a Voter-ID card is mandatory, but the trouble is that these ID cards are full of errors.

Errors in Voter-ID cards are so gross that they are causing more trouble than comfort. One or the other relevant information in Voter-ID card is wrong. If your name is correct, then your date of birth may not be or your address might actually belong to someone else. A number of people applied for Voter-ID cards in the camps organised some time back. Many coloured Voter-ID cards have been recently delivered to the voters but they have gone waste. With incorrect information, these cards are nothing more than scrap. People are also unable to get information about the place and process of correction in their Voter-ID cards.

It has been brought to notice that a family had Voter-ID cards made recently, but as per the cards all of them belong to different castes. None of the Voter-ID cards are appropriate and hence cannot be used as ID-proof anywhere. Even the residential address is different for each.

As per CR Devasi, errors have been brought to notice regarding Voter-ID cards. Citizens must fill up form-8 for amendments in their cards. The form must be submitted at the relevant voting registration office. This form can be submitted during the camp. There is a provision of submitting these forms in room number 308 in Collectorate as well.

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