New Hill Policy: Preserve Aravalli Hills and Lakes; Halt Land Conversion for new Hotels and Resorts

New Hill Policy: Preserve Aravalli Hills and Lakes; Halt Land Conversion for new Hotels and Resorts

Save Aravallis New Hills Policy will aim to halt land conversion of hills for hotels and resorts in the cachement areas around udaipur

In a recent meeting chaired by UDA Chairman Rajendra Bhatt, the New Hill Policy Draft Committee has proposed significant measures to protect the Aravalli mountain range and the lakes surrounding Udaipur. The key focus of the draft is to halt land conversion for new hotels and resorts on the hills within the Aravalli region, aiming to safeguard the environment and prevent ecological imbalance.

Addressing the pressing issue of increasing construction activities on the hills, Bhatt emphasized the importance of conserving the natural landscape. The proposed policy includes writing to the Revenue Department to issue instructions banning land conversion in Gram Panchayats falling within the Aravalli region. Additionally, the draft suggests declaring the hills surrounding rivers and streams feeding into the lakes as no construction zones.

Highlighting the critical role of lakes as the lifeline of Udaipur, Bhatt stressed the need to protect their catchment areas. To maintain the inflow of water into the lakes, the draft proposes obtaining GT sheets from the Irrigation Department to identify and revive river drains. Furthermore, it recommends keeping hills connected to these water sources as no construction zones to ensure their preservation.

Expanding the scope of the survey, the committee decided to include hills within a 30 km radius of Sajjangarh as part of conservation efforts. This expanded area encompasses regions beyond Delwara in the north, Tidi Dam in the south, areas beyond Dabok in the east, and hills up to Jhadol in the west. The committee aims to classify hills based on their height and slope through image sensing and contour mapping, excluding those under the Forest Department's jurisdiction.

Those present at the meeting underscored the collaborative approach towards environmental conservation in the region.

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