Highest per day case in August today | Sample testing restricted in Udaipur - CMHO

Highest per day case in August today | Sample testing restricted in Udaipur - CMHO

Only samples of symptomatic cases to be tested as RNT laboratory is ovder capacity and pending samples could cause wrong reporting
Highest per day case in August today | Sample testing restricted in Udaipur - CMHO
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Total no. of cumulative COVID cases in Udaipur reaches 2272 with 67 cases reported today. Highest per day cases count in August

With increased random sampling, call for super spreaders to get tested as well as the natural progression of cases as in the rest of India, August has reported the maximum number of per day cases. Today 67 patients were identified from various parts of the district, 82% being from the Udaipur municipal area, whereas 18% are from rural and upcountry locations like Mavli, Salumber, etc.

The total number of positive cases identified in the municipal region is hovering in the range of 60-65% in August. 40% cases this month are from rural / upcountry areas. Cases from rural and upcountry areas of the district shot up in the month of June as the effect of incoming migrants was felt across the district. The percentage of positive cases in MAy was 17%, which shot up exponentially to 51% in June and there on is hovering in the 35-40% range.

In the meanwhile, the CMHO Udaipur, Dr Dinesh Kharadi has instructed all the block medical officers (BCMO) to ensure that samples are only taken from people in whom ILE symptoms (cold, cough, fever, breathlessness, etc) are visible and not from all kinds of super spreaders or voluntary sample test persons. Even in case of close contact testing, BCMO have been instructed to restrict the sampling to symptomatic close contacts and high risk groups.

The healthcare infrastructure of the government owned facilities has come under immense pressure in many places in India and Udaipur is no exception.

This is being done temporarily, as the RNT testing laboratories are overwhelmed by the samples that are coming in on a daily basis and the pending list is shooting up to unmanageable levels.  BCMOs have also been given instructions to reduce or completely stop sampling of super spreaders.

These orders are being issued with the permission of the District Collector, as confirmed by the CMHO.

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