Illegal construction demolished at Rani Road

Illegal construction demolished at Rani Road

Illegal construction at Rani Road was demolished by UIT on Wednesday.

Illegal construction demolished at Rani Road

UIT demolished an illegal construction at Rani Road on Wednesday. Reportedly land worth 50 crore rupees was illegally acquired in the name of Moda Bheel. As claimed by UIT, some white collared people were trying to construct a resort on this land. Team from UIT demolished this construction. Care was taken not to damage any of the tribal houses built on this land.

Almost a 100 member team of UIT including UIT Secretary were present while action was being taken. On one hand where UIT claims that no harm was brought to tribal residences, there on the other hand Moda, the owner of this property, has accused UIT for inappropriate action. Moda said that for 200 years the tribal family has been living here and the land has not been acquired by anyone else. He also said that all documents are in his name but UIT demolished everything including houses, tubewell and the boundary wall.

Back in December 2017, court had instructed to leave the land as is because of tribal residences here. But in the last 2 months it has been reported that some people tied up with the tribal people. Leaving aside the residential area rest of the land which was hilly area was levelled and boundary wall was constructed overnight. A tubewell was dug alongside Fatehsagar lake and construction had begun on this property.

As per UIT, the land is listed under green zone. It is also registered as eco-sensitive zone. Construction is prohibited on this land. Only plantation is allowed on this land as per orders by the court. When UIT received information about construction being done here, they took action against it.

(media reports)

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