Inform police about any mishap through whatsapp

Inform police about any mishap through whatsapp

Police Whatsapp number is 7073100100
Inform police about any mishap through whatsapp
-Do not hesitate in sharing any mishap you come across
-Images and videos can be shared with police

Udaipur police has made its whatsapp number public. Anyone who comes across any kind of mishap can share the images and videos with police. 

In case you comes acorss any accident, or any other troublesome incident that police must be made aware of, you can now share that with the police. 

SP Kailash Bishnoi has released police whatsapp number 7073100100 for the benefit of public. The above mentioned number will be at the police control room and any information that seems problematic or troublesome can be sent to the police. The informations will be dealt with priority and the senior officers will take immediate steps for the rectification of these issues. 

The incidents listed for whatsapp are as follows:

  • Liquor shops found open after 8 p.m.
  • Illegal storage of selling of liquor and drugs
  • Illegal hukka bars
  • Any torture or other mishap towards females, children, old and aged and the downtrodden
  • Any kind of information about criminal activities
  • Accidents which require immediate police help and action
  • Any act that is dangerous for the public.

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