Is it river bed or parking ground?

Is it river bed or parking ground?

Lake side becomes parking ground-how alert are we?

Is it river bed or parking ground?

River beds turn to parking grounds in Lake City Udaipur and all this when the city is on a mission to keep the lakes clean. A part of Lake Pichola near Brahmapole has turned into parking ground.  Public can be seen parking their vehicles in this area which was once covered with water.

As reported, there is no proper railing on the bridge at Brahmapole. This has made it much easier for the public to walk towards lake area which has gone dry at the sides. AND this area has become a dumping ground. Garbage, debris etc. has been dumped here since long as a result of which the ground level on this side of lake has gone higher making it almost impossible for the water level to cover this height. Lake side near Brahmapole gate is pathetic and despite the fact that the attention of administration was drawn towards this, no action has been taken. Hence the encroachment lead to this situation that vehicles are being parked here.


The lake side needs to be cleaned and the debris must be removed so that water level covers this place. Railings with a proper height must be fixed here so that no one can walk inside the lake area. CCTV must be installed with immediate effect so that activities can be watched. Action must be taken against all those who are dirtying the lake sides.

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