Is this really Delhi Gate? "Then and now " look of this prominent road in Udaipur

Is this really Delhi Gate? "Then and now " look of this prominent road in Udaipur

Did you know that Delhi Gate actually has a 30 feet road?

Is this really Delhi Gate? "Then and now " look of this prominent road in Udaipur

-Street vendors had occupied the road sides to a great extent narrowing down the Delhi Gate road.

-Traffic jams were a commom issue in this area.

Delhi Gate is one of the most prominent spot in the market area of Udaipur city. The road here has been witnessing traffic jams and it has been a difficult spot to enter and cross since the overcrowded space has been a big issue even when it comes to pedestrians. But how many of us have seen the road with its 30 feet open space? No, it is not about the late night hours... it is an issue about the peak hours.

There have been several street vendors in this area who encroached the road sides and narrowed down the road to such an extent that forget about the vehicles, even the pedestrians have been facing the most uncomfortable-forced-shoulder-brushing situation. These street vendors have been selling fruits, vegetables etc. by occupying the road sides as their property. The big question is where was administration when these people established themselves here more than 10 years back and why was it not strict then? In any case, action has now been taken and it is being hoped that the road will remain free and witness smooth traffic.

As per records, Municipal Corporation has been trying since years to remove these vendors but in vain. Every time an action was taken in the past, the scene used to get back to status quo as strictness was not maintained and no post-action survey used to be done.

The new board has now taken strict steps and the street vendors have been removed, though no alternative placement has been suggested. It may be noted that despite the fact that traffic was troublesome in this area, yet half the city fulfilled their basic kitchen shopping from these vendors.

Now the new Municipal Corporation board has decided that this area will be steered clear of the street vendors and no one will be allowed to encroach this space. A connecting point for 4 different markets, this area which is 30 feet wide can now provide enough space for the vehicles which includes a clear passage for the 4 wheelers as well. The road has been repaired as well.

Maintaining this place in the new form will be quite a challenge for the administration as strict vigilance will be needed as there are all the possibilities that a slight negligence might result in the road becoming a narrow lane once again.

(image source: dainik bhaskar)

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