Is your tenant or your helper verified by police?

Is your tenant or your helper verified by police?

Police verification for tenants and servants is mandatory.

Is your tenant or your helper verified by police?

It is extremely important that every person has his tenant and his helpers/servants registered with police. We have constantly been reading about landlords being attacked/murdered by tenants and servants and in the absence of police verification, attackers either escape or are caught much much later.

Police has issued directives in the past that every tenant and servant must be registered or police verification be done for them. But public is still not alert in any of the cases and there is hardly anyone who goes in for police verification. Probably the fear of long procedures prevents anyone from making rounds of the police station. Social stigma is also one of the reasons behind this. In many cases it has also happened that police from other states had to raid many a premises in order to arrest a criminal who was comfortably living as your neighbour.

Now that public is not actively participating in the verification process, police has started a campaign under which door to door forms are being distributed and informations about rented accommodations are being collected. A survey is going on in which every landlord has to provide complete details or identifications of the people living in their premises as tenants or serving them as servants. As per police officers, if any of the concerned person does not provide identification details or does not co-operate with police, he or she will fall under the circle of suspicion.

Even corporate houses and other business house have been asked to provide details of people who resign from duties so that just in case anyone leaves while or after a crime is committed, police can track that person easily.

Udaipur city has also been victimised by many such criminal minds who have created a lot of havoc with general public and the police department. Police is strictly in the process of following this mandatory procedure and verification is in process for the past one week.

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