Jat Andolan is back in Rajasthan – Rail routes interrupted

Jat Andolan is back in Rajasthan – Rail routes interrupted

Agitation of Jats regarding reservation is taking back its form blocking rail routes once again in Rajasthan.


Jat Andolan is back in Rajasthan – Rail routes interruptedOnce again, the Jat community is aggressive. The Jat Aarakshan Andolan is back in form, almost with a vengeance.

Jats are once again agitated. The reservation issue is back as a result of which Jat community is displaying their anger by blocking rail routes. Their reservation movement is being carried out on the rail tracks.

Jaipur-Agra rail route has been blocked by the Jats. Gorakhpur-Ahmedabad Express Train coming from Agra has been stopped on tracks ahead of Bharatpur. The train was made to come to a halt at the railway station and the protestors “planted themselves” on the railway track. Another passenger train has been stopped at Nadbai railway station on Jaipur route. Allahabad-Jaipur train has also been diverted from Bandikui.

Revolutionaries have also taken over the railway track of Behaj village in Bharatpur. A number of trains have hence been stopped. The Jats have spread over other areas, too, blocking rail routes.

Jats from Bharatpur and Dholpur do not have the provision of reservation following which the Jat leaders of both district have started this protest demanding a reservation for their community.

Source : patrika.com


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