Lady advocate attempts kidnapping-Arrested

Lady advocate attempts kidnapping-Arrested

A lady advocate has been arrested for kidnapping attempt.

Lady advocate attempts kidnapping-Arrested

A lady advocate has been arrested for attempt to kidnap of the daughter of bar association’s President. She and one other person have been arrested in this matter.

This is just the beginning of 2018 when Udaipur city has received another shocking news. Reportedly a lady advocate tried to kidnap the daughter of President of bar association. It is being said that the lady advocate was pressurising the President of bar association to include her as a member in the association.

As per witnesses, the lady advocate was overheard telling her subordinates to kidnap the little girl. She also added that the little girl’s father would pay a hefty amount for her release. The news of this incident spread like fire and the lady advocate left the court premises. Later other lawyers rang her up and asked her to get back to the court. The moment she reached the court, the younger lawyers got agitated and reportedly they also gathered round her with an intention of hitting her. Lady police patrol reached the court, freed this lady advocate and locked her up in a chamber in the office of bar association.

It was the occasion of oath taking ceremony of the new members of bar association. The program was being held in court premises on Saturday.  When the President was taking his oath, his parents, brother, wife and daughter were also present. The program started around 1 p.m. in which former President handed over the position to the new President of bar association.

Since the parking area in the court was completely full, the newly elected president parked his car outside the court. Witnesses said that the moment the new President’s family reached the car, the lady advocate who was already present there in her own car tried to pull in the daughter of the President. The lady advocate was assisted by 3 youth. The other lawyers present on the scene saw this and freed the little girl from the clutches of the lady advocate and handed her safely to her parents. This kidnapping attempt became the talk of the town in no time.

Seeing the danger, the lady advocate left the site and returned only after she was called by the former President. She reached the court with a contractor and was immediately surrounded by young lawyers present on the spot.

New President of bar association is his statement said that the lady advocate was constantly pressurising him threateningly as wanted to be a member of association. Her threat was taken lightly and ignored. He also said that he did not even expect this kind of an act from the lady advocate.

On the other hand, the lady advocate has tried to defend her act. She said that she was trying to save the little girl else she would have been killed by a bus right outside the court. She said that she did not even know that the little girl was President’s daughter. She added that when she pulled the girl to safety, the girl panicked and started crying and shouting. This was misunderstood by the people. To this she also added that had she wanted to kidnap the girl, she would not have returned to the court.

The lady advocate’s companion contractor said that he was on a visit to Udaipur for collecting money from people who had borrowed from him. He knows the lady advocate personally and went along with her to the court. The lady advocate has been arrested under Section 365, 511.


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