License mandatory for drone photography

License mandatory for drone photography

Every drone must be registered by 31st January.
License mandatory for drone photography
Using the drone for personal purpose is not an easy task anymore. A license is mandatory for operating a drone. 

Drones have become a common thing in weddings and other functions. Using the drone is not an easy task anymore. It needs to be registered and the final date for registeration is 31st January 2020. 

Since the drones have also been frequently used for illegal activities, any unlicensed use henceforth will attract punishment. 1st February onwards, drones will not be seen in the wedding venues if license has not been obtained. 

The drone operators have been directed to register online for the license. If any unlicensed drone is used after 31st January, action will be taken under IPC Act and Civil Aviation Act. The drone will be seized with immediate effect.

After the registration, the drone owner will be given special numbers which will be known as DAN and OAN but the drone can be operated only after obtaining license, and having the DAN and OAN is not enough.

Udaipur city has more than 2000 drones and most of them are used for photography.These drones are used in wedding events, parties, religious events, and other personal events and functions. 

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